World Health Organization resolves controversy over the use of masks to prevent “Corona”


Washington – Arabs today

She announced World Health Organization, Friday, they still think to use Medical respirators It should be mainly confined to medical personnel, but it opened the door to the use of homemade masks or any other wide mouth cover as a way to reduce the spread of the Corona virus. A senior WHO official told reporters that there is a possibility of an airborne transmission of the virus, which It has now infected more than a million people worldwide, but the primary factor is still people who are believed to be suffering from symptoms of the disease and sneezing and coughing, which leads to contamination of surfaces and the transmission of infection to other people. The organization’s senior emergency expert, Mike Ryan, said “No”.

We must preserve medical masks for first-class workers, but the idea of ​​using any mouth cover to prevent coughing or sneezing. That in itself is not a bad idea. ”For his part, Anthony Faucchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and primary responsible for the infectious disease front in the United States, said Friday that Americans should cover their faces if they have to go to public places, but they should They remain isolated as possible.

Ryan acknowledged that an important and healthy discussion revolves around the use of gags, and said that if used, it should be part of a comprehensive strategy and will not obviate the need for hand-washing and social divergence. “So we can definitely see conditions in which the use of gags,” he said. Home-made or made of fabric, at the community level in a comprehensive response to this disease. ”He mentioned that stressful workers in some exhausted health care systems may be a factor in death rates, adding,“ We ​​must reduce the waves of patients who enter through the doors to give doctors, nurses, and others who Sponsors An opportunity to save Y more lives. “

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