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English Premier League players are still reluctant, and even resistant to any call to reduce their salaries in order to reduce the financial effects of the outbreak of the Corona virus on clubs. They disagree with what some of their colleagues did in the German, Italian and Spanish leagues, who waived large proportions of their salaries. But a financial football expert replied, “Don’t criticize the same as the banking industry” or “lawyers and accountants.”

The sacrifices of the major European championships have multiplied, most notably Germany And Spain And Italy, on their pay to contribute to the fight Corona Virus And to reduce the financial effects it causes on their clubs, the Premier League players are still reluctant to follow their example, which could constitute a political turn as this behavior is not very popular.

A position that Julian Knight, chair of the Commons Committee for Culture, Media and Sports, described as “morally unacceptable.” In a letter to the government, Knight called for a specific tax on clubs that place “their non-player employees on partial unemployment while continuing to pay their players’ wages” normally.

Health Minister Matt Hancock called at a press conference Thursday evening for the English Premier League players accused of benefiting from the economic support measures that were adopted due to the spread of Corona virus “Covid-19”.

The most expensive league in the world

“Everyone needs to play their part” in the fight against the Corona virus, Hancock said. “This means Premier League players too … and the first thing they need to do is agree to reduce their salaries.”

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, English clubs have doubled support operations, either through donations to food banks or the participation of their players and coaches in charitable operations. Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford raised 134,000 pounds (153,000 euros) on social media, an amount he supplemented with his own money to allow an association to provide 400,000 meals to disadvantaged children.

But for the very rich Premier League with 4,8 billion pounds (5,5 billion euros) in total annual revenue, prejudice to players ’salaries appears strangely more complicated than elsewhere in Europe.

In the German Bundesliga, 16 out of 18 clubs reached an agreement with their players to cut wages. In Spain, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid players announced that they will give up 70 percent of their salaries as long as the emergency continues. In Italy, Juventus players and employees agreed to cut their salaries by 30 percent.

Tottenham puts 550 employees on unemployment the day it announced record profits

The choice of Tottenham put 550 employees under the protection of the partial government unemployment program, a shock in the country, although its president, Daniel Levy announced the reduction of his salary and the salaries of some officials by 20 percent. The Champions League runner-up decision was issued on the day Tottenham announced a profit of 87.4 million pounds (about 100 million euros) without taxes, more than the profits of Liverpool (European champions), Manchester City and United.

The Professional Players Association defended its position to defend the players in a statement Thursday, accusing club officials of using public aid to preserve the shareholders. She said, “Clubs, as companies, that can pay the salaries of their players and employees, must do so.” Only serves the interests of shareholders. “

Players must not be a scapegoat

“We are well aware of the feeling in the public opinion that players should pay the salaries of non-players employees (…) We fully accept the idea that players should be flexible and share the financial impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in order to secure the long-term future for their club and sports in a way Public”. “But players should not be a scapegoat,” she concluded.

Football financial expert Kiran Maguire said that politicians are taking advantage of football, explaining, “The same criticisms are not directed at the banking industry … They are not directed against lawyers who earn 10,000 pounds per day, to accountants, or money that goes to external accounts from Order to avoid paying taxes. “

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