WHO makes clear that Corona can be controlled, but it will remain


Washington – Arabs today

The director of the emergency program confirmed bWorld Health OrganizationMike Ryan, some parts of the world are beginning to emerge from a pandemic Corona Virus, But it will continue to pose a major risk until a vaccine is found to have it.

Ryan said, in an interview with “Reuters” over the Internet today, Sunday, that some countries are still at the center of the storm, but others are beginning to show that it is possible to contain the disease in some way, adding: “In this sense, there is hope.”

Ryan added: “At the global level, the situation is still very dangerous, but the pattern of disease and the course of the virus are very different in different parts of the world now.”

He explained: “What we are learning is that it is possible to control this disease and it is possible to start resuming normal economic and social life, in a new way, with great caution and extreme vigilance.”

He pointed out that some countries in Africa and in Central and South America are still experiencing an “upward trajectory of cases”, and although these countries do not seem to be in a big problem yet, the availability of exams is still a problem.

Ryan said that some countries, including China, South Korea, New Zealand and others, had reached what he described as a “stable situation” regarding the outbreak of “COVID-19” infection.

He added that Europe and North America have started to emerge from a “dense outbreak” of the disease and are now trying to find a safe exit from the restrictions on economic and social activities imposed in the past few months.

“This did not show that the virus can be completely eliminated, but it showed that we can reach a point where we have sufficient control over it that allows us to resume our social and economic lives,” Ryan said, but he reiterated that any government seeking to ease restrictions should do so with caution. Adult.

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