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FIFA is looking into solutions to the dilemma of football tournaments after the Coruna epidemic confused all sports and domestic agendas and deadlines. As the world continues its struggle against the deadly epidemic, many decisions await the International Federation, such as the fate of the players ’wages and contracts, the dates of the resumption of the stalled tournaments and the start of next season’s tournaments …

Since the football season’s postponement due to an outbreak Corona Virus The Newbie andThe International Federation of Football He is looking for solutions to get past the current stage with the least possible losses. On the financial front, of course, and also in terms of completing the season, immediately after the health crisis, which has claimed tens of people so far, has ended.

If the international matches at the national team level were postponed relatively easily, then the tournaments that mean clubs at the national and continental levels pose a dilemma that is difficult to solve. These matters are not a fact of the powers of FIFA, but the International Federation, since the eighteenth of March, that is, immediately after the official announcement of the suspension of the major tournaments, has begun to assign a working group that includes all the parties concerned, to develop a mechanism for action.

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However, since FIFA does not have the right to impose solutions on the national federations, the latter will have to decide in coordination with the health authorities in her country, when it will be possible to continue the stopping tournaments and when the tournaments will begin next season. In other words, the national federations will have the right to set their new calendar and amend the history of the championships and their transfer market.

This is for the new calendar. As for the players ’contracts, the International Federation believes that it will have to play a big role in order to avoid problems. What about the player whose contract expires at the end of June? What about loaned players from one club to another, and about those who have already agreed to move to a new team?

There is no authority that can unilaterally impose solutions in all competitions and countries. Hence the role that the International Federation wants to play through recommendations that it prepares to present, based on the principle of “the actual intentions of the parties.” That is, if the contract expires at the end of the season, and even if it is specified at a specific date, at the end of June, for example, it is possible to consider that it will not end with the end of the previously scheduled season, but will extend until the season is actually completed, and if this requires an extension of two months Or three more months.

And in detail the upcoming FIFA recommendations

First: Contracts ending at the end of the 2019-2020 season will remain in effect until the new date of the end of the season effectively.

Secondly: The effectiveness of the new contracts will start with the actual launch of the next season.

Third: Regarding transfers between two different championships, and in the event that the two timescales do not match, the player’s current club will be given priority and the latter will have to complete the current season before joining his new team.

Fourthly: Payment of the amounts previously agreed upon in connection with the transfer process is postponed to the effective date of the new season, or to the date of the opening of the next transfer market, whose date will inevitably be postponed.

These are the most prominent points mentioned in an undeclared report so far, which FIFA will rely on to present its recommendations. He can’t The International Federation of Football Imposing these solutions due to legal complications, but the Corona pandemic may force everyone to show a kind of rationality.

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