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Experts recommend that you should wash your hands with warm soapy water, to prevent viral infection in general and corona in particular, but for more accuracy and effective results this very important task must be done for 20 seconds at a time, and using warm water or for 30 seconds if it is The water is cold, according to a CNN news report.

“There are four coronaviruses that circulate among people regularly, almost every year,” says virologist Dr. John Williams, pediatrician and head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

He added: “They mainly cause colds, and in fact, they cause about a third of the common cold. But they do not cause death.”


Many viruses

Not only does water and soap eliminate the Corona virus, but it also kills other harmful parasitic viruses such as the influenza, which kills millions around the world annually, and the virus that infects the human respiratory system and in some cases exacerbates it with pneumonia.

On how water, soap or alcohol works to get rid of viruses, Dr. Williams explains: “Soap or alcohol effectively helps in dissolving grease or so-called fat-coated paint for the virus. The virus is physically disrupted when the fat layer is dissolved because water, soap and alcohol leak into its guts, so it cannot Penetration into human cells. “

The importance of massaging hands, fingers and nails with the spillage of the importance of water mixed with soap, according to Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, is that it leads to the formation of more soap foams, which in turn disrupt the chemical bonds that allow bacteria and viruses And other germs stick to surfaces, including for hands, and then finish eliminating all germs with soap particles, rinse well with water.


Warm water

Hot water alone does not kill bacteria or viruses and may cause burns to the skin of the hands, so chemist Bill West, associate professor at Emory University says, “Cold water will of course give a result, but be sure to scrub hands well with soap to get abundant foam for 30 seconds on the least”.

“The warm water with soap creates a much better and faster foam, which helps to get rid of any dirt, bacteria or viruses easily,” added West.

Antiseptics with a concentration alcohol of 60%

Schaffner explains that alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be as effective as soaps if used correctly. The concentration of alcohol in its composition should not be less than 60%. “

Scheffner explains that just pouring small points in the palm of the hand and wiping quickly is not enough to eliminate germs and viruses, but rather a quantity that covers the entire palm of the hand and rub should be poured well to all hands and fingers in all directions.

“Alcohol has a different chemical property than soap. It helps break up bacterial membranes, but it must be ensured that the alcohol comes into direct contact with all parts that can contain bacteria or viruses,” Schaffner explains.

Williams believes that there are cases where the use of water and soap is better, because of the ability of soap and water to trap and kill microorganisms.

Williams adds that alcohol is very effective in killing germs but water and soap are better because there are harmful germs and bacteria that do not have smooth fatty stomachs and can be eliminated with soap bubbles and foams such as hepatitis A virus, polio, meningitis and pneumonia.

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