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Press reports revealed that the microblogging platform “Twitter“Introduced a suite of tools to obtain reliable information on Corona Virus The new cause of Covid 19 disease. Times News Now published a report saying that Twitter focused on selecting the source of the story since the outbreak of the new Corona virus, in order not to publish any fake or unreliable news about the Covid epidemic 19. Social media applications Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram


“Facebook” and “Twitter” delete accounts accused of linking to Russia targeting the United States and the report clarified that Twitter is dedicated through new tools and algorithms to ensure uninterrupted and real-time access to relevant updates locally and globally in the context of the current conditions of the Corona virus. Among the tips to help in obtaining reliable information about the Corona epidemic, these tips came as follows: – Activating the feature of notifications from official documented accounts such as the Ministry of Health or the World Health Organization.- Bilingual Events page to get the latest facts about Coved 19.

– Use hashtags on related tweets such as following the most popular hashtags on Corona for example. – Twitter advises that Twitter, Retweet or Interact should be “responsible” with only a trusted source of information. – Follow up on national and regional press accounts for information and news related to virus Corona in a global, national and regional context. – Report any tweet that you think is spreading rumors about Coved 19.

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