Turkish aid to Britain and injury of an Italian ship crew … Warning of a “humanitarian catastrophe” due to Corona


The number of Coronavirus infections worldwide exceeded two and a half million, amid an international warning that this pandemic could lead to a doubling of the number of people threatened by famine, which represents a global “humanitarian catastrophe” at a time when Turkish medical aid arrived in Britain, and announced the injury of 34 of the crew An Italian ship docked at a Japanese port.

The United Nations World Food Program warned that the new Corona epidemic, due to its devastating economic repercussions, could double the number of people at risk of starvation and a “humanitarian catastrophe” worldwide.

The number of people suffering from hunger could double as a result of the epidemic “Covid-19”, to reach more than 250 million at the end of 2020, indicating the risk of a “global humanitarian catastrophe,” the agency said.

The epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 175,000 people worldwide since its outbreak in December, while the number of infections has exceeded two and a half million.

The Johns Hopkins University website reported that the total number of injuries in the United States amounted to about 825,000, while the number of deaths exceeded 45,000. New York City remains at the top of the list of US cities with 14,887 deaths.

Relax restrictions
For his part, US President Donald Trump said that he is gradually reopening the country, and indicated – in his daily press conference with the Crisis Cell – that twenty states made a decision to gradually lift the closure restrictions.

New York State Governor Andrew Como said that Trump agreed that the federal government should help to increase the capabilities of the Coronavirus infection screening.

In this context, Robert Redfield, director of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that it is expected that there will be a second wave of new Corona virus in the United States during the coming winter, and that it may be much stronger than the first wave, because it will most likely start with the start of the flu season.

He added, “There is a possibility that the attack of the virus on our nation in the coming winter will be more difficult than what we went through.”

As the current wave of outbreaks subsides, with hospital admission rates declining recently, and other indicators, authorities should prepare for a possible resurgence of the virus within months.

“We will have a flu pandemic and a corona at the same time,” Redfield said, adding that this dual confrontation would make the health care system under greater pressure, compared to the first outbreak.

Italian ship
On the other hand, medical examinations conducted on the crew of the Italian “Costa Atlantica” cruise ship anchored in the Japanese port of Nagasaki, showed that 34 people were infected with the Corona virus.

The Japanese News Agency reported on Wednesday that the results of medical examinations of the ship’s crew – consisting of 53 people – showed 34 of them were infected with the Corona virus.

She explained that the ship does not carry passengers on board, noting that it had docked at the port since last January with the aim of maintenance work that ends at the end of April.

In neighboring China, thirty new cases were recorded today, Wednesday, including 23 cases from abroad, an increase in the number of injuries compared to the previous day.

The National Health Committee said – in a statement – that the number of HIV patients who did not show symptoms also increased to 42, after registering 37 the day before.

The local authorities in Harbin (northeast China) also banned non-citizens from entering residential areas, in the framework of fighting imported cases of Coronavirus.

Chinese media reported that the authorities prevented non-local and unregistered vehicles from entering residential areas, and demanded the isolation of people who arrive in the city from outside China.

It is noteworthy that Harbin is the capital of Hei Longjiang Province, which recorded more than four hundred imported injuries during the past period.

The total number of corona injuries on the Chinese mainland rose to 82,788, while the number of deaths remained unchanged at 4,632.
On the European continent, the Netherlands has taken the first cautious step of closure due to the Corona pandemic, by announcing the possibility of reopening primary schools and nurseries on May 11.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Roti announced that high schools could be reopened early June if the injuries remained low.

The Dutch Health Care Agency announced that it recorded 165 new deaths from the newly created Corona virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 3,916 people.

And in Britain, a British military cargo plane arrived at the airport “Prize Norton” (south of the country) at dawn Wednesday coming from Istanbul International Airport, with equipment and medical supplies provided by Turkey, as part of the fight against the Corona virus.

It is expected that this aid will be sent to a number of British hospitals that suffer from a severe shortage of equipment, especially since there are more than one hundred medical personnel who have died from their HIV infections.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute announced that the number of corona virus deaths in the country had risen to 4879 and infections to 145,694.

In Spain, government spokesperson, Finance Minister Maria Jesus Monteiro, announced at a press conference after the regular weekly government meeting ended that the government will ask Parliament to extend the state of health emergency declared in the country until the end of next May 9, but under different circumstances, notably Allow minor children up to the age of 14 to leave.

In Italy, the Civil Relief Agency reported 534 new deaths within 24 hours, bringing the total number to 24,648.

France recorded 531 new deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 20,796 deaths.

For its part, the Russian health authorities announced the registration of 28 new deaths caused by the Corona virus in the capital, Moscow, and the Anti-Corona Virus Operations Center reported that the general death toll from the disease in the capital has reached 261 cases so far.

The Israeli Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that the total number of people infected with the Coronavirus in Israel has risen to 14,326, including 148 who are in critical condition. Thus, Israel recorded 384 cases of the virus during the hours of last night.

The Ministry of Health reported 187 deaths, indicating 3 deaths at night.

Arabic tally
Arably, the Saudi Ministry of Health recorded 6 new deaths from the Corona virus, bringing the total number to 109 deaths, and the Ministry recorded 1147 cases, bringing the number to 11,631.

While the UAE recorded 490 injuries, bringing the number to 7755, while the deaths reached 46, after recording 3 new deaths.

In Qatar, the Ministry of Health revealed 518 injuries, taking the number to 6533.

In the Sultanate of Oman, 106 new infections were recorded on Wednesday, bringing the number to 1614.

As for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, 85 cases were recorded, bringing the number to 2080, and two deaths were recorded, bringing the number of deaths to 11.

In Morocco, two girls were registered, raising the number to 145, while 140 cases were recorded, to 3209.

In Djibouti, 99 injuries were recorded, bringing the number to 945.

The Tunisian Ministry of Health announced that 17 new cases had been registered, exceeding the total number of 900.

As for Sudan, it announced the registration of a new death, bringing the number of deaths to 13, and 33 new injuries, bringing the total to 140.

Source: Al-Jazeera + agencies