Tunisia will end the mandatory quarantine for travelers


Source: Tunisia – France Press

Tunisia, which will open its borders on June 27, has announced that it will no longer impose mandatory quarantine in hotels on arrivals to its territory, but it will require the presentation of tests to demonstrate travelers are free of the emerging coronavirus.

The Presidency of the Government clarified in a statement that, starting next Thursday, Tunisians returning from abroad will have to submit a “laboratory testimony that proves the negative analysis (PCR) as a benefit -19 provided that the date of its conduct does not exceed 72 hours when arriving at the Tunisian borders” in addition to subjecting to a quarantine for a period of time. 14 days. “

Until now, quarantine was mandatory in Tunisia, in hotels for seven days, to be completed with a self-quarantine for an additional seven days.

After the date of June 27, Tunisia will allow all travelers to enter its territory, with a Covid-19 screening test with a negative result, 72 hours before arrival, and the “tourist temperature at the airport upon arrival in Tunisia” will be measured.

The government presidency added that the tourists coming in groups with the tour operators will be transported “to the hostel on the tourist buses that adhere to the rules of the health protocol for Tunisian tourism, in framed groups.”

Hotels will have to apply the rules for social separation that provide for individual meals instead of displaying dishes they choose from, in addition to respecting the safe distance between tables and chairs and the area of ​​three square meters per person in swimming pools.

The Presidency of the Government indicated that “tourist groups are authorized to visit museums, monuments and tourist archaeological sites while respecting the health protocol in each site.”

As for other travelers, that is, tourists who are not affiliated with tour operators and Tunisian citizens, the government did not specify whether to impose a kind of stone on them and did not give any specific information on the matter.

Tourists will be allowed to carry out a virus screening before returning. The Tunisian state will allow tourists to “perform a PCR analysis at its request or from its country of residence starting from the sixth day of its entry into Tunisia,” according to the statement, which did not specify the examination price nor the time required for its result to be issued.

Tunisia, which closed its borders in mid-March to reduce the outbreak of the new Corona virus, was relatively untouched by the epidemic, with 49 deaths on its territory in total. The country only reported some new infections daily, most of them people who were already quarantined after returning from abroad.

The tourism sector is considered essential to the country’s economy and constitutes between 8 and 14% of the gross domestic product and includes half a million jobs. The government confirmed that it was working to save the rest of the summer season.