ATLANTA, United States (CNN) – US President Donald Trump renewed his attack on the World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday, after its director, Tedros Gebresos, asked him not to “politicize” the Corona virus (Covid-19).

At a press conference, earlier Wednesday, the Director of Global Health responded to Trump’s attacks on how his organization was dealing with the Corona outbreak, saying: “Please do not politicize this virus if you do not want more body bags … My short message is: Please Quarantine to politicize Coved. “

While Trump saw at a press conference, at the White House on Wednesday, that Gypressus is the politician of the coronavirus, he said he believed the organization preferred or tended to China.

Trump added: “I can’t believe he talks about politics when you look at the relationship that binds them to China, so China spends 42 million dollars, we spend 450 million dollars (in favor of the organization) and everything seems to be on the side of China … that’s not true, it’s not fair To us, frankly, it is not fair to the world. “

Trump indicated that there would be fewer deaths from the Corona virus if the WHO gave “the correct analysis.”

During the conference, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “This is not the time to” change the leadership of the World Health Organization, but he did not object to Trump’s previous call to reduce potential funding for the organization.

Despite Pompeo’s suggestion that the United States is not looking to replace the Director-General of the World Health Organization at present, a senior administration official said on Wednesday that Tidros Gebresos was part of the organization’s problem.


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