Trump refuses to wear a face mask at the White House to prevent Corona


WASHINGTON, United States (CNN) – US President Donald Trump rejected the idea of ​​wearing a face mask or muzzle while in the White House, while stressing that he had no problem wearing it during travel time.

In his response, Trump said that he does not wear a mask in the White House, because he is in large rooms and socially distant from others.

While the US President is always surrounded by large groups of people close to him, in his numerous briefings in a small area of ​​the White House Briefing Room.

When Trump read at the beginning of his briefing of the CDC’s new recommendations last month, Trump immediately announced that he would not wear one by himself, saying it was impossible to imagine greeting world leaders in the Oval Office with his face covered.

He said: “I do not think I will do that,” noting that it was difficult to imagine such a thing in the Oval Office: “I wear a face mask and I salute presidents, prime ministers and dictators … kings, queens – I think so.”

While Trump has confirmed that he has no problem wearing the mask when he travels to Arizona next week, he says this will depend on conditions on the ground, adding that when he goes there he will study weather conditions “I will have no problem wearing a mask.”

And Trump continued, “I’m supposed to give a speech, I don’t know, do I have to speak in the mask? You have to tell me if that’s politically correct, I don’t know. Trump said, if that’s the case, I’m going to speak through the mask.”