Trump: I know the health of the North Korean leader … and nobody knows where he is


WASHINGTON, United States of America (CNN) – US President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday that he knows the health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, noting that information about his health will be released soon.

“I cannot tell you, exactly, yes, I have a very good idea, but I cannot speak about it now, hoping it will be okay,” Trump added, at a press conference in the White House lawn.

The US President considered that the United States would have been at war with North Korea “if he had not become President”, and that the North Korean President expected that.

Trump later boycotted another reporter’s question about Kim Jong-un’s health, saying: “No one knows where he is.”

CNN had reported, last week, that the United States was monitoring intelligence information indicating that Kim Jong-un was in grave danger after undergoing previous surgery, according to a US official with direct knowledge, while a former North Korean diplomat said that rumors that Surrounded by North Korea’s “non-factual” leader.

A former North Korean regime leader and currently a member of parliament in South Korea confirmed to CNN that Kim Jong Un could not walk or stand alone.

After the CNN report was published, US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien explained that the Trump administration was closely monitoring developments related to Kim’s health, and he said during an interview with Fox News last Tuesday, “We are closely monitoring these reports,” “as you know, North Korea A very closed community. There is no free press there. “

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said, the Trump administration is closely monitoring developments related to Kim’s health, adding to Fox News Thursday that “we are monitoring the situation with great interest.”

Kim Jong Un, 34, was last seen publicly on April 11 at a meeting of the Political Bureau, according to North Korea’s official media, the Central News Agency, but speculation began about his health after his absence from the official birth ceremonies of his grandfather, North Korea’s founder. April 15.