Trump has been missing a warning message to the WHO about the “ignored” Corona virus since December


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Donald Trump published a tweet saying that the World Health Organization (WHO) received a warning message in December 2019 about the new Corona virus or what has become known as “Covid-19” except This message has been “ignored.”

Trump said in his tweet: “Why did the World Health Organization ignore an email from health officials in Taiwan at the end of December warning them of the possibility that the Coronavirus can be transmitted between humans? Why is the World Health Organization making several allegations of the Corona virus that are either incorrect or misleading … “

“In January and February when the virus began to circulate internationally, why did WHO wait as it happened to take decisive action? Lanhe Chen, a Fellow at the Hoover Institution on Fox News,” he said in a separate tweet.

The US President announced last week that the United States of America would stop funding the World Health Organization, while reviewing the way the organization deals with the spread of the new Corona virus, or what is known as “Covid-19”.

It is reported that stopping the American funding from the organization means stopping between 400 to 500 million dollars from reaching this sensitive international apparatus in a condition that could not be worse considering the need for all international support and solidarity to confront the spread of the virus.