Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Donald Trump asked his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, during a phone call that the two presidents gathered on Tuesday, to discuss developments in the Corona virus.

The South Korean presidency said in a statement issued by it, that the call focused on the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and revealed a request by Trump to his South Korean counterpart, in order to provide his country with medical equipment to face the pandemic.

Moon’s response to Trump’s request was by saying: “If we have the alternative in our country, we will support as much as possible,” according to the South Korean presidency.

After the request, the South Korean President made clear to his American counterpart an order, which is that what Trump wants requires the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration on medical equipment, and the US President confirmed that he would take immediate steps to ensure that this happens on Tuesday, according to the statement.

The statement issued by the Blue House indicated that Trump admires the way Seoul has dealt with the outbreak of the new kurna virus and pointed out that Korea is “doing a very good job”, as he put it.


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