Trump after an uproar caused him to call for injecting antiseptics with corona patients: I was asking a satirical question


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Donald Trump on Friday downplayed his dissatisfaction with his proposal and used and injected Morona virus patients with antiseptics for treatment of the epidemic, claiming that he said this as a mockery.

Trump told reporters at the White House during the daily briefing of the Corona Virus Cell, on Friday: “I was asking a parody of journalists like you just to see what happens.”

And during the daily briefing, Thursday, Trump had said: “There is a rumor, a beautiful rumor, which is that you are going out to the sun or where there is heat and that has an effect on the virus.”

Trump then asked Deborah Brix, senior medical advisor and coordinator of the Corona Virus Task Force, at the press conference “to speak with doctors to see if there was any way that could shine light or heat for treatment.”

Trump went on to say that antiseptics “expel (the virus) in a minute. Is there a way we can do something like this, by injecting it inside or almost cleaning up? Because you see it entering the lungs.”

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Kylie Makenani defended Trump, saying that the media took out what the president said out of context, but she did not say that he was sarcasm.