Top 7 tips and tricks to improve the performance of the old iPhone


Seamless user experience is one of the most important attractions ofIPhone phones From Apple, and often outperforms the competition, but unfortunately any device begins to slow with age. IOS updates can also have a negative effect on older iPhones, although it offers new features, a level Greater security, but it can sometimes slow performance. Here are 7 tips and tricks to help you improve the performance of your old iPhone:

1- Cancellation Installing applications Unused:

Browse all the apps and games on your iPhone, and uninstall any apps that you don’t use regularly. These applications, although you do not use them continuously, but they take up space in your phone, and consume the resources of the phone by working in the background, and it will be more difficult if it happens automatically. You can delete applications on the iPhone by pressing and holding the application you wish to delete, then clicking the “Delete App” option.

2- Update the operating system:

Apple offers newer versions of iOS not only to bring in new features, but also to improve the overall performance of your iPhone. So check each setting period to see if there is an update available for your phone, and update accordingly. But before you start installing the update make sure that there is enough space in your phone, as the internal storage capacity of the iPhone is not expandable, so you can save a backup copy of photos, videos and music, and delete the old part of them to save space. It is also recommended not to install updates immediately after launching them, but you can wait some time for the matter to stabilize and see if the new update causes some problems, especially if your phone is a bit old.

3- Turn Siri features off:

Siri voice assistant can be very useful in many situations, but there are some features that you may consider turning off to boost your phone’s performance.

Siri can automatically suggest things when searching, starting with iOS 9 and later versions, but this feature can slow down your iPhone. To turn it off, you can follow these steps:

• Go to settings.

• Click on Siri & Search.

Scroll down to the section called Siri Suggestions. You will find three options that pause them by pressing the toggle button next to each.

• And if you have an iPhone 6S or later models, you can turn off the Listen for Hey Siri feature, because it puts your phone in a permanent listening mode which affects performance.

4- Turn off the automatic downloads feature:

Apple offers in its devices a feature called (automatic downloads), which allows you to install applications automatically on all devices, if your iPhone is the only device associated with the Apple ID this feature may not cause you any problem, but if it is not so you will find new applications Purchases of content you’ve downloaded on another device are automatically in your iPhone and you don’t want to.

Go to (Settings).

• Click on your profile picture, then click on the (iTunes & App Store) option

• Under the Automatic Downloads section, switch the buttons next to (Music, Applications, Books, and Audio Books) options to gray.

5- Use Apple’s default apps:

This may be an inappropriate option for some people, but there is no doubt that Apple apps work best with iPhones, as they are the default settings for most major functions, such as email, navigation, and web browsing.

It may not always be the best in terms of functionality, but if you want the smoothest and fastest performance then you must stick to it.

6- Stop updating apps in the background:

Some applications run in the background, synchronize data, and update content without realizing it, but this affects performance, reduces battery life, and contrary to popular belief, double-clicking on the Home button, then dragging everything to close it is not the right solution, and all What you have to do is the following:

• Go to settings.

• Click on General.

• Click on Background App Refresh and turn it off completely, or at least, turn it off for specific apps from the menu below. The only difference is that the app will sync when running, instead of constantly syncing in the background.

7- Delete browsing history:

Safari is an application in which it is relatively easy to eliminate unnecessary files, the presence of which affects your phone’s resources.

• Go to settings.

• Click on the (Safari) option.

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• Click on the “Clear History and Website Data” option.