Top 5: An agreement to train Emirati astronauts in NASA … and “Go to Ajhnam” tops Twitter


From announcing the signing of an agreement with the American Space Agency (NASA) to train Emirati astronauts, through a tripartite meeting that brings together Turkey, Iran and Qatar in Istanbul .. and from there to the issuance of the hashtag “# Rihin_aghnam” Twitter in Lebanon .. to the Emir of Qatar awarding the Iranian ambassador “Medal The Wajbah ”… Here is a daily summary from CNN in Arabic that addresses some of the most prominent and diverse stories from the Middle East and the world.

The UAE Prime Minister, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced on Monday that an agreement has been signed with the US Space Agency (NASA) to train Emirati astronauts.

The Iranian Foreign Minister will hold a tripartite meeting with his Turkish and Qatari counterparts in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday, according to the Iranian Mehr Agency.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a video clip of Emirati preacher Wasim Yusef, on Monday, in which he talked about what some Arab peoples did to their countries, and he reiterated that Israel did not commit the things that the Arabs committed

The hashtag “# Raheen_Ajhanem” was published on Twitter in Lebanon, on Monday afternoon, after a press conference by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, quoting a statement he warned about failure to agree on forming a government.

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, received, on Monday, the Iranian ambassador in Doha, Muhammad Ali Subhani, and awarded him the “Al-Wajba Medal”, as his term in Qatar ended.