“I’m alive, they took me out of the coffin.” This is how the French Claude Gatti, who oversaw the death, shouts in a video, telling how his life was turned upside down when he was hospitalized on March 14, after he was struck by Coved-19.

From this introduction, the French magazine “Le Nouvel Observatory” was launched in recounting the plight of the Corsican veterinarian, who came out of resuscitation after a month in which he gave up life.

A few days ago – as the magazine says – this 67-year-old man was training in a choir to participate in a religious ceremony, when he met two of the band returning from a rally in Mulhouse, and they do not know that this city has become one of the main centers of the Covid-19 epidemic , And they pass the virus on to Claude Gatti.

On March 17, Gatti called his family to say goodbye, saying that his chances of survival were slim. And he tells his story: I said to myself: Well, I’m going to die, and the rest is to know how? And when? And what suffering? As long as I will die quickly now, it is over. “

Gatti was following the violence of this desperate struggle between life and death in intensive care, and he says, “It is scary, you see the person and then you see the last of his place because the first one died, there is a flood of patients that does not stop.”

The magazine said that Gatti remained in a deep coma for six days, but he was clinging – as he says – “With little hope to get out of this situation, I started using my hands to lift one and then the other, trying to touch my knee, I was thinking that if I had an opportunity to live, then I must Being able to walk and restore my feelings. ”

Today – the magazine says – Claude Gatti left the recovery center of Ajaccio (on the island of Corsica), but he has to stay another two weeks in the hospital for rehabilitation, knowing that he is the second patient to leave this place.

Although Gatti can walk, he still rocks a little, and feels that he has to learn everything. Learn how to write, walk, and stand up, “I didn’t think it could be that difficult.”

The paranoia and delirium no longer return to Ghati, although, he says, he still finds it difficult to remember, especially since illness and resuscitation greatly affected his brain.

Despite this ordeal, Gatti rejoices every morning watching the sun, and seeing a morning he thinks he wouldn’t have seen, saying “Life is tragic but beautiful, you have to taste it every day.”

Source: French press

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