The Scientific Committee against Corona in Egypt confirms that the virus is not


Cairo – Arabs today

Dr. Hossam Hosni, Chairman of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus said in Ministry of Health, The transformation of the results of the tests from positive to negative indicates that the patient got rid of the Coruna virus once and for all, and the number of people recovering from it reached 1181.

Hosam Hosni added, in a telephone interview on the program “From Egypt” broadcast on “CBC”, that the recovery rate of Corona virus in Egypt is very good.

Husam Hosni said: “We hope that the number of cases infected with the Corona virus will decrease, but there is some individual complacency from some citizens, and we must stay in homes as much as possible.”

Hussam Hosni pointed out that Corona Virus It is not a fatal disease, but it is rapidly spreading, and a single patient may cause infection of 3 individuals, and all precautionary measures must be followed and away from crowded places and crowds. “

Hussam Hosni pointed out that the infection rates in Egypt are good and not high, and the deaths are mostly from the elderly and those with chronic diseases and the delay in seeking health care.

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