The North Korean leader orders the strengthening of the nuclear deterrent force and puts the army on high alert


ATLANTA, USA (CNN) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has put in place new policies to “strengthen the nuclear deterrent force” for his country and put the armed forces on “high alert” in line with the requirements of building and developing the military, according to a news agency. North Korea, Sunday.

Kim chaired a meeting of the North Korean Workers’ Party’s Central Military Commission, and during the meeting “decisive measures were taken to increase the capacity of fire strikes from artillery pieces of the Korean People’s Army,” the agency said.


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Kim signed 7 orders, including “Orders on the new military measures discussed and decided by the Central Military Commission, including an order on a project to reorganize a mechanism to enhance the responsibility and roles of major military educational institutions, and an order related to the reorganization of the military command system to meet the duties and duties of security institutions,” And special order for military grade promotions for command officers.


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According to the North Korean News Agency, the meeting reviewed and analyzed a series of obstacles in the military and political activities of the North Korean armed forces and discussed “methodological issues to overcome them and bring about significant improvement.” The agency described the meeting as “a historic turning point of great importance in increasing the capabilities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.”