The leading technology companies are using Corona to try to avoid the digital services tax


London – the Arabs today

Some members of the British government have accused the tech giants of trying to use the Corona virus as an unethical reason to avoid the digital services tax in Britain.

According to press reports, “TechUK”, whose members include “Facebook” and “Google” And the”CamelAnd “Amazon”, urged the British government to consider again the terms of the digital service tax.

These companies say they need a “breathing space” because the spread of the Corona virus has caused declining profits and resources, even though these companies are far better off than those on the ground, which face weeks of closures due to the epidemic.

The tax went into effect on April 1, with a 2% tax on search engine revenue, social media, and online markets that derive value from UK users, according to the British Daily Mirror.

The tax targets mainly tech giants rather than startups, as the British Treasury expects it will raise 100 million pounds ($ 130 million) this year, increasing to 500 million pounds ($ 650 million) by 2025.

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