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In myths, we always fear aliens and the harm they can cause to Earth, but can humans move their epidemics into space, according to NASA, with at least 164 countries around the world fighting the coronavirus, there seems to be only one place and ” Safe “virus has not yet been infected, which is the International Space Station.

NASA has a strategy to prevent astronauts from carrying dangerous viruses and pathogens to the International Space Station in what is known as “health stability,” according to the Daily Mail.

Crews heading to the International Space Station are subjected to a physical examination 10 days before launch, which includes swabs and other laboratory tests to ensure they are not currently infected with viruses or colds.

If the results are negative, everyone is required to limit contact with the public and then enter a two-week quarantine period to determine whether they are incubating any disease.

SpaceX will launch the first manned spacecraft carrying two NASA astronauts in May, and, according to both the company and NASA, the mission to space is still continuing despite the spread of the Corona epidemic on Earth.

However, NASA has used such tactics for years and on many occasions, and this comes from the fact that the new coronavirus can only live for short periods on surfaces and it is possible that an infected person will be examined and diagnosed during the quarantine period that astronauts go through before launch.

NASA started the Health Stability Program after the Apollo 7 mission in 1968 when the Governor of Shira on both Mercury and Gozini missions had a cold, which made him tired and nervous, and this was reflected in his connections to Earth.

After this catastrophic failure, NASA moved to put health safety measures in place, and alongside quarantine for observation, all astronauts undergo medical training and stay in touch with a team of doctors while they are on the International Space Station who are able to monitor their health and liveliness from Earth.

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