The herd’s immunity is far .. Our blood has not yet developed its defenses against corona


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It seems that the theory of “herd immunity”, which a number of countries, governments and scientists around the world are enthusiastic about, remains out of reach in the face of the Coronavirus, which has filled the world, killing more than 150,000 people up to now.

This is what WHO studies have concluded to date, or at least its scientific follow-up to how our bodies respond to the epidemic.

Mike Ryan, the world’s chief emergency expert, said in a statement Friday evening that the organization is not sure whether The presence of antibodies In the blood gives complete protection from infection with the emerging virus. He added that even if the antibodies were effective, there were no indications that large numbers of people developed them and began to provide so-called “herd immunity” to the population.

He also added, “Many preliminary information reaching us at the present time indicates that a very low percentage of the population has turned to (production of antibodies).”

He explained that “expecting the formation or development of a majority of society as antibodies, while the general evidence indicates the opposite, may not solve the problem of governments.”

This comes after optimists from most parts of the world, after their analysis in recent weeks, the results of tests that confirmed that with the blood of those who were infected with “Corona” and survived recovering from it later, it was a ready and natural weapon without complications, and enough to eliminate the virus, after it infiltrated the body to multiply In its cells.

Optimistic about antibodies

Dr. Anthony Fauchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House team to fight the outbreak and other viruses in the United States, was more optimistic about this conclusion, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal last Tuesday, and its summary that the blood of a recovered from a viral infection , Produces proteins that fight the virus itself with “antibodies” that can be extracted from it to pump into the patient’s blood to protect it from what could kill it.

Finding antibodies in the blood of the person being analyzed means that he was infected but now has molecular defenses to fight the virus that made him sick, which they call “immunity” with enough biological defenses to fight infection and diseases that doctors can transfer their molecules as antibodies to the blood of those with the virus Same, to help treat them.