The grandmother of the first lady of Brazil dies of corona … and more than 55 thousand cases of the virus in one day


São Paulo, Brazil (CNN) – Brazil, which is the second most affected country in the world by the Corona virus epidemic, after the United States, recorded more than 55,000 new cases of the new Corona virus, during the past 24 hours, in addition to 1175 additional deaths, At a time when sources confirmed to CNN, the death of Maria Aparecida Fermo Ferrera, the grandmother of First Lady Michele Bolsonaro, due to the Corona virus, on Wednesday evening.

The total number of registered cases of Coronavirus in Brazil so far is 3 million and 164 thousand and 785 cases, and the total number of deaths has reached 104 thousand and 201 deaths, according to data from the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Maria Aparecida Fermo Ferreira, the grandmother of the country’s first lady, who was 80 years old, spent 42 days in the hospital in Brasilia, before announcing her death from the Corona virus.

And the Brazilian authorities had announced earlier that the first lady, Michel Bolsonaro, had been infected with the Corona virus, weeks after her husband, President Jair Bolsonaro, had recovered from the disease.

And the Brazilian state of Parana signed a memorandum of understanding, on Wednesday, to start production and testing of the Russian anti-virus vaccine “Sputnik”, according to Jorge Calado, head of the Paraná State Institute of Technology.

Calado said that the partnership agreement includes that Russia provide information about the completion of stages 1 and 2 of the vaccine clinical trials, in addition to announcing the details of the third phase that begins after.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, on Tuesday, the registration of the “Sputnik” vaccine against the Corona virus, which was developed by the Russian Gamalia Institute, to become the first recorded Corona vaccine in the world, despite the fact that the third phase of its clinical trials has not been conducted.