The dismissal of managers of 4 Iranian banks amid murmurs about the sizes of their salaries


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The Supreme Leader of the Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, criticized the high salaries of public sector managers.

4 of the Iranian government bank managers were sacked after their high salaries were subject to widespread criticism, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The agency quoted a government official as saying that the economy minister had replaced managers of Iranian dowry banks, boredom, welfare and exports based on an order issued by President Hassan Rouhani.

A scandal erupted nearly two months ago when salaries of a number of senior officials in public sector institutions were posted on the Internet.

And it turned out that many of them get tens of times more salaries than the average Iranian citizen.

They also received large bonuses and interest-free loans and in some cases tax exemptions.

The dilapidated Iranian economy has not yet benefited from the nuclear agreement reached last year with international powers, which lifted Western sanctions imposed on the country.

“Imaginary salaries”

President Rouhani’s decision to dismiss the four directors came a week after the Supreme Leader of the Iranian Republic, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, sent a message to the cabinet saying that “the issue of imaginary salaries is an attack on our values, and everyone should be certain that these are an anomaly from the base. This issue should be addressed, but should be pursued seriously, and the people should be informed of its results. “

The director of the state-owned central insurance company resigned last month after leaked payroll coupons revealed that some managers had paid salaries in March that exceeded 28,000 US dollars.

The company said at the time that the salaries were for the last month in the Iranian year and that was why they were larger than usual.

In the meantime, he learned that the director of the state-owned Trade Bank received a salary last November of 230,000 dollars.

The director of the National Development Fund, appointed by President Rouhani, earns $ 18,700 a month.

The source of the leaks was not clear, but the first to publish it was the media close to the conservative religious establishment, according to Reuters news agency.

President Rouhani’s conservative opponents took advantage of the leaks to indicate that the standard of living for ordinary Iranians has not improved since taking office.

President Rouhani admitted last week that these salaries were “legal”, but he blamed his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for allowing huge salaries to be paid to senior managers.