The Bayern Munich team welcomes refugees and donates 1 million euros to them


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The Bayer Munich team has won the German League 25 times, and has won the European Championship five times

The German soccer team Bayern Munich has said that it has decided to donate one million euros to the refugees, according to the official team website.

Bayern Munich added that he “will participate in receiving refugees by providing financial and material resources and practical assistance in close partnership with the city of Munich and the state of Bavaria” within which the city is located.

The team indicated that it was planning to establish a training camp for refugees in order to provide German lessons and provide them with meals and spherical equipment, in addition to a friendly match, the proceeds of which would be allocated to refugee projects.

The team said that the next match against FC Osburg on September 12 will see players enter the field “as they hold the hand of a German child and refugee child as a symbol of the integration of refugees into German society.”

Aston Villa fans will also carry banners reading “Welcome Refugees” during the match that will bring their team to Leicester City in the Premier League.

“Bayern believes it is a social responsibility to help the refugees,” said Bayern Munich chief executive, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Bayern Munich have won the German league 25 times, and won the European Championship five times.

European countries have witnessed an influx of refugees, including Hungary, which refugees cross on their way to Germany.

Migrant numbers hit record levels this year, mainly due to the conflict in Syria.

Germany is expected to receive 800,000 asylum seekers this year, four times more than it did last year.