The Bengali forces say they saved 13 people in the attack

The Bangladeshi authorities say they arrested two people in connection with the attack by Islamic militants on a cafe in the capital, Dhaka, on Friday.

She emphasized that the perpetrators of the attack had nothing to do with ISIS.

The police chief said that one of the detainees was a suicide attacker.

20 people, mostly foreigners as well as two police officers, were killed in

A bloody attack by gunmen on “Holy Artisan Bakery” in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

The second detainee, Rohan Imtiaz, appears to be the son of an official in the country’s ruling Awami party.

The Islamic State had announced that its operatives had carried out the attack.

However, the Minister of the Interior of Bangladesh, Asad Al-Zaman Khan, said that the militants belonged to a local group and not to the Islamic State.

He added that “the perpetrators of the attack are members of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen in Bangladesh,” a group that has been outlawed for more than 10 years.

Bangladesh has witnessed a series of attacks, mostly with the use of white weapons, targeting bloggers, atheists, writers, secularists and followers of religious minorities in the country of nearly 160 million people, most of whom are Muslims.

The Islamic State and Al Qaeda have claimed previous attacks in the country.

The government, on its part, constantly denies the involvement of any foreign militant organizations in these attacks, despite its adoption and responsibility for the two local groups, Ansar al-Islam and the Mujahideen Group.

But the Islamists say they face war from the government of Sheikha Hasina Wajid, which they describe as secular because of what they say is their work to implement Islamic law.

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