Source: Dubai –

In a report, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said that there is a potential risk that 24.6 million jobs will be lost in the sector, with continued lack of demand for air travel, due to the effects of the emerging Corona virus.

“IATA” said in an analysis published yesterday that more than 65.5 million people around the world depend on the air transport sector, including the travel and tourism sectors, and that among them are 2.7 million employees working for airlines.

According to the scenario set forth by IATA, if travel restrictions continue to persist for the next three months, there are about 25 million jobs at risk around the world, including 11.2 million jobs in Asia and the Pacific, 5.6 million jobs in Europe, 2.9 million jobs in America Latin, two million jobs in North America, two million jobs in Africa, 900,000 jobs in the Middle East, according to Emirates Today.

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