Surprise … the price of a possible Corona treatment starts at $ 1


Source: Dubai – Mr. Muhammad

The results of an analysis of nine possible experimental drugs for the treatment of the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” showed that the price of the potential drug will not exceed $ 1 at a time when laboratories and drug companies are speeding up their experiments to find a drug to treat the virus that kills hundreds of lives around the world over the course of The time, according to a report published by Bloomberg.

According to the study published today in the journal “Journal of Virus Eradication”, the full course price for treating the virus, including the existing drugs that have promoted its ability to treat the virus, such as hydrochloric acid, will range from one dollar to 29 dollars at the latest.

Over the next three months, clinical trial results will appear for a group of drugs that are expected to provide solutions to curb the spread of the pandemic virus.

These studies, if proven to be effective, will be mass-produced and put on the international market in the coming period, said Dr. Andrew Hill, a visiting physician at the University of Liverpool’s Department of Pharmaceutical Research in the study.

He added: “These low prices will enable countries to obtain treatment easily to ensure that the disease does not spread on their territories. Some of these drugs are sold hundreds of times more than the cost of their original cost, specifically in the United States .. We need to provide a cheap drug that can be easily reached before.” Rich and poor countries to eradicate the epidemic until an anti-virus vaccine is reached within the next 18 months. “

He continued, “We already have experiences based on massive drug production at low prices, and this is what happened with the hepatitis C virus and malaria. We have to try it again. It will be a new success story in the face of a more serious global pandemic.”