Sirens sounded in the US sector of the International Space Station


Washington – Arabs today

The siren sounded in American sector From International Space Station Before the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft with the astronauts returning to Earth after their mission ended, it is worth noting that the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft separated from the International Space Station at 4.53 am on Friday, April 17, Moscow time. On board the Russian astronaut Oleg Scribuchka and the Americans Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir on board, the Russian International Anatoly Evanshin and Evan Wagner and the American Christopher Cassidy stayed on board the Russian Soyuz MS15 spacecraft landed safely this morning in an area 147 kilometers from the city ” Jizkazgan “in Kazakhstan Tan states that the three space, the pioneers who arrived in the land, died aboard the International Space Station for 205 days.

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