Scientists violate the White House: the physical spacing of corona prevention may continue in America until 2022


ATLANTA, USA (CNN) – A number of scientists have suggested that America may continue to implement home quarantine and physical spacing procedures until 2022, due to the Corona virus, if a vaccine for it is not rapidly produced.

These scientific findings are contrary to what the White House mentioned that the pandemic may end next summer.

A team from Harvard University School of Public Health in America used available information about the Corona virus and viruses belonging to his family to arrive at a scenario in which to predict the future under this pandemic.

The scientists wrote in their report: “Spacing may continue intermittently until 2022 unless a high therapeutic capacity is produced or a treatment or vaccine is reached and becomes available.”

The scientists pointed out that there is a very important factor for which no conclusion was reached, which is whether the human body develops immunity to the virus after recovery from it.