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One of the most worrying issues since the emergence of the new coronavirus and the disease Covid-19 has caused is whether those who have contracted it can catch it again, and what that means for the immune system, and the final answer to this big question may seem It is known until now, but experts say that once again the patient himself becomes infectious.

On Monday, both the chief scientific adviser to the British government, Sir Patrick Vallance and the chief medical advisor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Chris Whitney, sought to reassure the common people, saying that those who once contracted the virus would develop some, and it was rare for them to contract infectious disease again.

The question was raised for the first time last month, after the Japanese authorities said that a woman was infected with the virus, and announced that she had recovered and became free from the virus, the results of her examination again showed that it was “positive” again, which left the scientists confused about this news and worried them. Also.

Mark Harris, an expert in virology at the University of Leeds, said that infection again in this case “is unlikely”, but added that “there is some evidence in the scientific literature on the persistence of corona viruses from animals, especially viruses in bats.”

When Valance, the chief scientific adviser to the British government, was asked at a press conference on Monday whether the Japanese condition means that immunity is no longer achievable, he answered that some people get infectious diseases again, but this is rare, adding that there is no evidence to suggest Until the same thing will happen with the new Corona virus.

For his part, White said that with illnesses, even if there is no immunity in the long run, there is usually some short-term immunity, according to the British Guardian newspaper.

In turn, the honorary infectious disease professor at Brighton College and the Sussex Medical College, John Cohen said: “The answer is that we simply do not know about the possibility of infection again yet because we do not have an antibody test.”

“However, it is very likely, based on other viral diseases, that once a person becomes infected, he will generally be immune and will not catch them again. But there will always be a strange exception, and this is certainly a reasonable expectation.”

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