Corona the newcomer, almost similar to Samson who tells stories that he was suffering from a serious weakness, the secret of which was that his strength was with his long hair, if his story is short, he loses it and becomes like anyone, and so is the weakness of the newly created Corona, which is prominent in its structure as Nails and thorns enable him to hold onto the cell in order to violate the cell until she dies, and he covers those bumps with sugars, to go to the cell without being intercepted by the immune system, and without this disavowal, “corona” would be nothing.

These and other facts, reached by scientists from the British University of Southampton, by making a three-dimensional model of the “celebrated” virus this Thursday, 100 days after his birth on December 31 in Wuhan, China, and by researching the way he worked, they discovered that he was very weak, unprotected The human immune system, like other viruses, is deceived, spoofed and impersonated, which makes it a wolf with pregnancy clothes.

Professor Max Crispin, who supervises the work of the university’s delegated team, says that the new corona uses its working spurs such as tweezers and nails to hold the cell, according to what we see in the video presented by Al below, but it hides its viral reality with a cover of Glycan sugars that hide its proteins, In this way, the immune system does not consider it hostile, “and it enters the body as a wolf with pregnancy clothes,” according to the professor who specializes in cell medicine.

The professor also mentioned, according to what was reported by British media yesterday, that one of the main findings of the scientific team’s research is that despite the number of sugars covering the viral fact of corona, it “remains unprotected like some other viruses” which may help in reaching To effective treatment, if the work of its protrusions is disrupted, then describe the work of the virus as a hit and escape from one person to another.

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