Scientists come up with modern technology that defines a person’s charisma from his image


Moscow – Arabs today

Russian mathematicians and psychologists managed to create a neural network (artificial intelligence) that can guess a person’s charisma through his personal image, where she managed to overcome a person during experiments, where scientists tried to find a relationship between a person’s characteristics and appearance from ancient times, and many hypotheses were refuted Scientists put it up and did not correspond to reality.
Later, with the development of technology for the study of personality through images, there were no satisfactory results, and now scientists provide some evidence that a person’s image can tell a lot about his personal characteristics, and according to the latest data from neurobiology, the brain can process facial images in a way Only comprehensive without focusing on specific individual features.

Experts from the High School of Economics and the Open University of Humanities and Economics in cooperation with the emerging Russian-British company, BestFitMe, began training neural networks (artificial intelligence) that can identify the character through images, according to the “One” website, where the network showed unexpected results by identifying Attributes of openness and goodwill, as they were presented with different images of the same person but the result was the same.

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