Samsung decides to discontinue production of the LCD screens, and reveals the reason


Seoul – Arabs today

Sources within the South Korean company, Samsung, the technology giant, have revealed their new decision to suspend the production of any new liquid crystal displays in its factories in China and South Korea by the end of this year. According to The Tech, the Samsung Display has announced that it will switch from the mentioned type to a completely new one, quantum dot and abbreviated to QD, at a cost of over $ 11 billion. This comes after Samsung announced last October that it was launching a factory dedicated to the production of new screens with QLED technology, which works in self-lighting, away from the old technology that has become less useful.

The reason for Samsung’s action is to avoid the problem of penetration of pixels that appear after the passage of time for the acquisition of LCD screens, which threatens its reputation in this field, which has been competing for years to take the lead. And the new screens are characterized by providing a higher period of time for use, as it can work up to a million hours of operation, which will be supervised by Samsung in the next 5 years to invest in the new factory for this technology. And not only that, but you will convert the existing LCD screen production lines to produce new screens, in order to be able to compete strongly after purchase orders have declined significantly on old screens despite the tempting offers presented to them. It is noteworthy that the important competitor to Samsung in this field, its Korean counterpart, LG, which in turn announced the adoption of the same procedure by December of this year.

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