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Russia recently finished testing its newly developed nuclear submarine, which is scheduled to return to service in the country’s naval military fleet, after being subjected to several tests, namely the nuclear submarine “Vepr”, which was developed under the military project 971, and is preparing to join the forces of the northern naval fleet in the army Russian, next April.
“The submarine has been tested in the Barents Sea, where all the systems and equipment in it have been verified, and its full operational readiness has been verified,” the Russian navy spokesman, Igor Diaglo said, “The submarine has undergone major maintenance and development work to improve its combat systems and capabilities.” Russia announced the start of development of this submarine in June 1990, and the Russian “Cevmash” factory finished its manufacture in 1994, after which it will test its operational capabilities in water, and enter the service in the Russian army a year later. Vepr was designed to be a versatile nuclear submarine, capable of tracking and destroying enemy ships and submarines, and performing escort missions of military ships, and characterized by its high capabilities in hiding from enemy radars.

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