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Russian Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights, “Russia Potter Nadzor”, announced today, Friday, the start of a vaccine test against the emerging corona virus.

“The Russian Federal Authority for the Protection of Consumer Rights has begun testing the first vaccine against the emerging corona virus,” the authority said in a statement reported by “Sputnik” on Friday.

The statement pointed out that the authority, in order to prevent and control the epidemic, has developed vaccine models based on six different technological platforms in the shortest possible time.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus “Covid 19”, a global pandemic (pandemic), while the number of people infected with the virus exceeded all expectations. The latest statistics of the total number of people infected with Coronavirus around the world, as of yesterday, were more than 228700 people, the number of deaths reached approximately 9,377, and the number of people recovered exceeded 86,250 people.

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