Researchers discover the mystery of “space cigars” hovering in the solar system


Washington – The Arabs today

Researchers have discovered some facts about asteroid It looks like a cigar and has been visiting the Solar System for years, and is known as “Umumwa”, where they believe it is the remains of a larger body torn apart by its main star. According to the newspaper, “The Gadrian”, the dark asteroid (reddish) entered the solar system in 2017, and gave it the name that corresponds to the word “messenger” or “scout” in the Hawaiian language, and it was a reason that scientists have long puzzled. Among its characteristics are the absence of a casing of gas and dust that comets usually emit during their heat, and its movement was accelerated by the loss of Water vapor And other gases – as usually happens with comets but not asteroids. So scientists called “omumwa” the “disguised comet,” and they now say they have shed light on mystery and treated the myriad parts of his mystery, and they believe that an “active asteroid” consists of a body torn by its parent star and then directed it into astral space. “Most of the planetary bodies are made of many pieces of rock that merged under the influence of gravity. You can imagine them as sand castles floating in space,” said Dr. Yun Zhang, one of the authors of the new study from the Cote d’Azur Observatory in France.

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