Reports reveal that Facebook has provided a new “emoji” for the Corona epidemic


Washington – Arabs today

Press reports revealed that the most popular social media application in the world “Facebook“Floated”EmojiNew on the new Coronavirus, which causes Covid 19, and the specialized technical site Engadget pointed out that Facebook offers a small way for people to show your support during an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The report pointed out that the new Corona pandemic forced everyone to stay in homes, so many of them want to support their loved ones who do not live near or far from them.

The new emoji appears on Facebook as a smiling person with a heart in his hands, and the other in the form of a pulsed purple heart, as an indication of a person receiving treatment.

“We know we are living in an abnormal time, so we wanted people to be able to show their support in ways that let their friends and family know that they are thinking about them,” said Alexandro Voyka, director of Facebook Engineering Communications.

He continued: “The reaction alone will not save lives, or solve the growing unemployment crisis on the planet, but it is only a user’s appreciation to others.”

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