Reports confirm that the Governor of the Banque du Liban Riad Salama is a “successor”


The command has multiplied in the street, and the result is the same. The government of Hassan Diab, who has just announced the failure of the “coup” against it, will have to coexist with two pressing reality that are almost out of control: “Streets” with different agendas on the path recently, the Amal movement and Hezbollah, and the financial economic reality tends towards more Badness was reflected in the fear of the fall of the latest attempts to control the market and the “strange” statement of Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri from Baabda!

No single leader has “invaded” the streets and streets of Beirut in the past two days. Originally, the motives for “influenza” are available in a strong and legitimate manner, and the hysterical rise of the dollar has only been added to the “wickedness” except for financial and administrative appointments.

The government’s opponents found in it an additional factor to get rid of a government committed to its predecessor’s agenda in the quotas, while the people of the Serail presented a realistic approach based on the “declining margin of“ injuries ”in Wednesday’s nominations significantly from those that were presented in the April 2 session. Without the ability to avoid “two injuries”, especially since the Prime Minister took charge of the personal interviews with the candidates and the appointment mechanism was adhered to in terms of offering more than one name. The two names are meant, according to the information, the first deputy governor of the Banque du Liban, Wassim Mansouri, who does not have banking experience and a member of the Financial Markets Authority, is a duty of his henchmen, who are affiliated with Nabih Berri. Paradoxically, Diab makes a good impression on his councils on the authority of Mohamed Bou Haidar, the director general of the Ministry of Economy, who is also affiliated with Ain Al-Tania, affirming that he was unjust!

Insiders assert that the prime minister may have already made concessions in the context of appointments, but for a much more important goal, not only to save his government from the clutches of total obstruction, but to confirm the fact that these financial appointments have enshrined the existence of a partner from now on up to the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon in taking the decision, in The Serail is a new achievement that has not been explicitly announced.

Information in this context says that several discussion sessions took place between Berri and Diab, and it was titled Riad Salameh. The first argument in rejecting the dismissal was the vacancy in the financial sites and the lack of a ready alternative. As for Diab’s government, the gaps appeared to be Berri, and with him the “system of alliances of interests”. More Adhere to safety to the point of a comprehensive “irreplaceable”!

A reality that Diab knew well, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He may repeat the ball, knowing that the data indicates that “Hezbollah does not adopt a battle to bring down safety except when there is a difficult political consensus to secure, while the Presidency of the Republic, along with Gibran Bassil, calls to the external reaction to the internal adventure by overthrowing the safety.”

According to the information, the internal corridors were recently traded with a possible alternative to Salama. The name of Al-Sairafi Samir Assaf, CEO of Global Banking and Markets for HSBC since 2011, and the regional director of the same company in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey since 2016, and the chairman of the company is Executive in France.

Assaf, who was empowered by an influential Lebanese party, has yet to respond to the offering of trading in his name to the Governor of the Banque du Liban due to the difficulty of his current return to Lebanon. This happens, in light of the presence of internal opposition from more than one party, including the presidency of the House of Representatives and the government, to the name of the former minister Mansour Batish al-Matroh from the Aoun party, at a time when major powers in the authority meet to refuse the access of any personality to a government affiliated with a political or partisan party or “Managed” from outside. Note that alongside Batish, the name of the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Alan Biffani, and the current Minister of Environment, Damianos Train, is mentioned.

However, folding the Salama dismissal paper temporarily did not obscure the blackness of the financial view and the real concerns about the extent of implementing the integrity of the commitment package that was “withdrawn” from it in a manner similar to the assumption, especially in terms of pumping dollars into the market, which, according to “Lebanon Depan” information, started arriving at the cashiers since Saturday at a price Supported as a prelude to securing it. Salama and by asserting sources close to Diab, “The misinformation and floating of the crisis professed a series of circulars of no practical benefit from them, and today it is before the last opportunities, with reference to what was included in the statement of the Council of Ministers for the first time about taking all the measures that would arrange due responsibility in the event that each committed to what he committed With it, in addition to the “control” of the crisis cell that was formed and is supposed to meet twice a week.

They point out that the Prime Minister’s wrath on Salameh was based on the reality that “he repudiated from a series of previous commitments, including his promise to grant $ 100 million to support the import of materials in the primary industry, to rise gradually to $ 700 million, while Minister Imad Haballah did not withhold his dissatisfaction with Salama’s performance,” He also failed to support the import of foodstuffs, which so far only included rice, and the delay in launching the online platform …

Berri’s statement came from Ain El-Tineh, to further darken the image. The presidential agreement to “cut the stage” was marred by several faults. In the figure, the speech of Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri constituted a condemnation of the ruling authority and the dedication of the reality of lightness in dealing with fateful issues when he said that an agreement took place with Aoun Diab to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the lira from today to under 4000 pounds to 3200, starting from Monday .

Informed sources in this context say that if this agreement is available, then why is the delay in securing it, as the dollar has recorded a record high for months. As for the content, this is a step if he appreciates the actual translation, as it does not exceed the time-buying framework on the basis of earning one or two weeks of calm Temporary and fragile market through pumping dollars to the central bank in exchange for adventure by the possible overthrow of the remaining balance in the reserves of the Banque du Liban by supporting the import of basic materials (fuel wheat medicines …) and in light of scarce and insufficient financial transfers and the banking sector is more and more difficult to control and banks are still speculating in the market And you buy from cashiers and a fugitive black mafia that didn’t work with all the treatments. “

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