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Press reports revealed that the company “FacebookPrepares to launch an update on its social networking platforms Facebook andInstagram“The News News Now” pointed out that the upcoming update will not make anyone hidden at all on Facebook or Instagram pages and posts. Facebook aims from this step, to track the pages and to understand who is behind the posts and their validity and to combat fake news, and this feature is currently activated. In the United States, to show posts outside of the United States that may contain fake news.Facebook indicates that this feature will provide more transparency to the posts on the platform, but in return some believe that it may constitute a significant violation of the privacy of the user, who may seek to hide the place Which was published in M. Facebook says about the update: “This is especially important when it comes to elections, so we are taking additional steps to make pages and accounts with the large public more transparent.” Facebook had previously announced a new feature via Instagram, which it called “About Account “, which provides general information about any account and its followers without providing detailed information that is a violation of its privacy.

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