Ouarzazate calls Moroccans to visit its tourist areas


Source: Dubai – Arabia.net

The tourism sector in Ouarzazate, Morocco, after the rapid increase in the flow of tourists to the region during the past two years, has witnessed a significant decline since last March, due to the Corona virus crisis and the adoption of quarantine measures.

With the continued closure of borders and the great turmoil in tourism flows at the global level, this destination is trying to get out of the crisis and dust it off by adopting programs to revive tourism by targeting domestic tourism, although its gains are not guaranteed in such crises.

Despite the positive decision to reopen hotel establishments since June 20, with the application of preventive measures to fight the virus, the situation has not changed significantly due to the absence of foreign tourists, as many hotels have been closed in Ouarzazate, and a small group chose to remain open despite the sharp decline in The number of customers.

According to the statistics of the Regional Council of Tourism, only 5 hotels registered in Ouarzazate are open, out of 150 tourist accommodations.

Abdelkader Abqoui, director of a 4-star hotel unit, does not hide, in a statement to MAP, the decline in the tourist flow to Ouarzazate and the crisis that the sector knows, adding that “most hotels in the region are closed, and hotel establishments that decided to reopen their doors after the second phase of Quarantine easing a large shortage of customers.

He pointed out that the destination of Ouarzazate witnessed a real dynamism during the past two years before it suddenly stopped last March, explaining that many hotel owners, thanks to the strong growth witnessed by the sector in recent years, made huge investments, which made the budget of these institutions in a difficult situation with The outbreak of the epidemic that affected total incomes, according to Al-Arab newspaper.

He said, “Calm has prevailed since the hotel reopened last July, and sometimes we only receive one customer per week. This situation is unprecedented, and the sector has not been greatly affected, as happened with the current crisis.