Opinion .. Bashar Jarrar writes to CNN: Normalization with the “new natural” in the world of Corona and beyond


This article is written by Bashar Jarrar, a part-time speaker and trainer with the US State Department’s Public Diplomacy Program, and the opinions listed below express the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNN.

The Crisis Cell for the emergence of the Corona virus emerging in the White House came up with the term “New Normal”! The most frequently necessitated reconsideration, the manifestations of social communication that begin with transit physical contact, an expression of approval and support, such as patting on the shoulder or traditional handshaking with hands and even hugs and kisses.

And before this story tells us – from centuries until the beginning of the second decade of the third millennium – the variation of customs and traditions, and the intimacy of intimacy also. The airstrip for these kisses includes the palm, for example, its appearance or its interior, and this has a special meaning in Morocco. It also includes the two cheeks and the third, and therefore meanings understood by the sons of rice and olives. As for the kisses of the forehead, the nose (the kashm) and the shoulder, it is also full of meanings along our valleys in the Arabian Peninsula, especially in the Hijaz.

Aware of this cultural diversity, peoples on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are caught up, for example, in contrasting greeting and peace habits, making deals, and concluding agreements and treaties between peoples, all of which agree on handshaking at the very least. But everyone understands that each of his cultural specificities has a duty of respect in relation to other aspects of communication.

I mention, for example, informing new visitors in advance of the customs and traditions of the other in order to avoid any misunderstanding or embarrassing situation. But “Covid 19” now does not feel nor embarrass at all to put all these cultures aside under the priority of public safety. The issue is no longer a right or an individual duty, but rather a collective responsibility.

US President Donald Trump has come under harsh criticism for continuing to shake hands in the beginnings of the crisis despite recommendations for social divergence, until he was forced to clarify his already hated stance of handshaking, stating that he intended to stop it and possibly for years, in light of the settlement of influenza and the emergence of many infectious and seasonal viral diseases.

Of course, everything new faces booing and rejection sometimes, until the new becomes normal, and indeed turns into a societal condition that generates generations to become what we call customs and traditions!

If it is a blessing in what we are in it of a conscious establishment of what is socially new, then it is based on normative, scientific, measurable values ​​and by the interpretation and mobilization of social support for it. When Al-Faisal is an invisible enemy that targets us all without distinction, the final word is for health experts and not for politicians, not even influential public opinion leaders.

It will no longer be acceptable in the world of Corona and beyond to sensually express our feelings or to communicate physically with people and things. Each of us must maintain its position and the safe distance between it and people and things. And you can imagine, O loved ones who do not know and I did not shake, that this communication through these words may be closer to us than many around us and at a distance of meters sometimes. Social divergence does not mean the interruption of human communication, individually and socially, but rather enhances and extends it to the causes of prevention.

Just as the human duty imposed on the builders of facilities and facilities to provide what achieves the dignity of the human being with special needs such as sloping surfaces next to the stairs, everything that we are in the process of building for a post-Corona world must benefit from all lessons starting with social divergence, through reviewing our food and health systems, And ending with spending priorities at the individual, government and state levels.

I know that normalization is a controversial term for many considerations, but “Coffed 19” has put us all as human beings in front of our true size … just living social beings who seek to survive and live healthy, safe and well-off if we can.