Opinion .. Bashar Jarrar writes about Corona’s dilemma: “Chernobyl China?”


This article is written by Bashar Jarrar, a part-time speaker and trainer with the US State Department’s Public Diplomacy Program, and the opinions listed below express the author’s opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of CNN.

What is this panic exposed by the outbreak of the Corona virus in the new countries of the world? How do we reach this limit of impotence and confusion, and we have survived through two decades of previous strains and mutations, starting from SARS and Mers, through avian and swine flu to Zika and Ebola?

In this article, I try to find answers that I do not say clear, but at least highlight what may be a valid subject for research and reflection. The big and simple question at the same time is: Where is the defect? What went wrong with us all? This “coronary” virus overthrew the crowns and wanders of different countries with different systems and political and economic power in countries of different cultures and spiritual and moral systems.

In my estimation of what was filtered out of information and not impressions so far, the cause is not because of the lethality of the virus, but rather the fragility of our immunity.

Immunity and immunity are self-originating. Since the ordeal of our world in the past millennium and the spread of HIV / AIDS, known as AIDS, medical statements continue to confirm the historical truth of the human being as a living being capable of protecting itself with its internal defense means before they were external, based on the ability to protect the body from enemies External people and rid himself of the toxins of what he infiltrates from toxic substances, whether due to bad food choices or because of human injustice in nature in pollution practices or excessive and exhausting exploitation of natural resources.


Why is the blame for bats spreading the Corona virus? … Humans are the cause

Beyond the conspiracy theory that some Chinese and Iranian propaganda machines attempted to promote, the disaster would have been possible to avoid or at least prevent its spread had the Chinese authorities not been able to conceal the first casualties in Wuhan.

Here we fell into the second premeditated murderous mistake. We all know how unfair we are on the environment, the misery of our food choices and our healthy habits, but keeping such injuries so dangerous is no excuse. Many countries of the world have administered governments and peoples, including intellectuals and influencers, who turned their face from necessarily totalitarian and totalitarian regimes, believing that China’s great economic success story is accompanied by its sins resulting from the suppression of freedoms. It is true that the student leader who defied the tank in the Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 1989 had missed the scene after that iconic image, but thousands of victims from the ruling Communist Party opponents were absent from death, imprisonment or exile. Press freedoms are no longer a matter of concern only to those concerned with freedoms, but rather have become a matter of life and death worldwide. Beijing’s secrecy about the matter and the abuse of those who “disclosed” the secret has been paid and the world is still paying for it, victims who have counted thousands in less than three months to monitor the first case of Bohan.

The third mistake, perhaps the most sensitive one, is the dangerous tolerance of some of those who are afraid of the accusation of not respecting the cultures of others over what is not accepted by logic from a scientific point of view. The whole story – as is rumored – started from a seafood market and a bowl of soup! Any people in the world have the right to shape their popular cuisine as they want – in our Middle Eastern cuisine what may be shocking for many people – as eating everything in sheep, for example – but people also have the right to warn about the dangers of what has been proven harmful in the laboratory. For those who drank Bat Soup, we say without embarrassment: These are blood-soaked creatures with deadly germs and viruses.

The issue is not limited to eating and drinking. There are no less dangerous customs, beliefs and rituals that have been exposed by this damn virus. Despite the keenness of the Illuminati leaders of all religions to urge the believers to follow the instructions and instructions issued by the competent authorities and with all discipline and firmness, a video came out on us through social media platforms for a person licking a fence for the “blessing” shrine and mocking those calling for avoiding crowds and crowded public places.

Our salvation is with good diagnosis of our diseases, we deal firmly with the source of illness, and provide an environment that repels diseases, attractive to health and love of life.