On the second day of the reopening of the markets, Dubai closed 26 different stores


Source: Arabic.net

On the second day of the reopening of markets, the commercial control and consumer protection sector in Dubai’s economy closed 26 stores and alerted 234 commercial establishments and violated 14 stores. Fitting rooms and promotional offers are not allowed in the re-opening stage.

During the process of inspection in open markets, the number of shops that met the conditions and precautionary measures reached 165 stores, while 150 stores were alerted, and another 26 stores were closed, in addition to violating 8 other commercial stores, according to what was reported in the “Al Bayan” newspaper.

The inspection campaigns focused on the stores located in Al Quoz, Al Nakheel, International City, Hor Al Anz, Al Satwa, Al Riffa, Souk Al Kabir, Al Karamah, Al Qusais, Al Nahda, Hor Al Anz, Freej Al Murar, Al Warqa, Al Rashidiya, Al Muteena, Abu Hail, Jumeirah, Al Wasl, Ras The creek.

The commercial activities of shops violating the laws also varied, to include activities such as: sale of used furniture, general trade, electrical trade, transaction clearance, technical services, sewing and embroidery, mobile phone trade, sale of meat, plastic bag trade, trade in fabrics and textiles, car rental, Electronics trading, selling auto parts, selling sweets, grocery.

On the other hand, the fieldwork team inspected 8 commercial centers in Deira and Bur Dubai, and it resulted in 84 warnings, due to the lack of physical spacing stickers, and the non-stopping of the application of the replacement and return policy, in addition to violating 6 stores, due to opening rooms Measure and do promotional offers during this period.

Dubai’s economic drive extended over the hours of the market’s operation from the morning to the closing hour. Dubai Economy directs merchants to adhere to precautionary measures such as wearing gags and gloves, applying principles of physical spacing and not doing business in the market during the hours of national sterilization, whereby stores are required to close except for activities that are allowed to work 24 hours according to the previous circulars.