New Apple Trackers Determine Things Via Bluetooth


Washington – Arabs today

Global press reports revealed leaks to prepare “Camel“American for new tracking devices, to be called” AirTagger “, which works using technology Bluetooth In order to locate things and track down, for example, a set of keys, a back, or even a bike, to see their location if they ever lost them.
And the specialized technical “GSM Arena” website explained that the “Airtags” will be like a small box linked to bluetooth and can link to the GPS purification with the phone to track the item if it is lost, and it will support all new iOS 13 operating system Technologies for new trackers.

“Apple” revealed the details of the work of the new tracking devices through an explanatory video to explain how to erase iPhone data or disable the “Find my phone” service, so that people will find a new technology called “AirTags”, where the site made clear that the OS OS 13 For iPhone, supports all of its technologies, where AirTags can work once attached to any item, such as keys to a large extent, they will send a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by other devices to help track the item, while no company has specified “Apple” a time frame for the time of launch of the new “Airtags” devices, but that may coincide with the launch of “iPhone 9” phones, the average price big.

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