NASA reveals that 4 massive meteors are approaching Earth and today


Washington – Arabs today

Agency revealed “NASA“Four bodies are close to Earth It is scheduled to fly to our planet during the Easter holiday, as the length of each reaches the length of the Empire State Building.

According to the newspaper “Daily Star”, NASA confirmed that four asteroids will reach Earth today in a series of nearby flights.

The agency reported that giant space rocks are traveling at a speed of up to 57,000 miles per hour, as the first of them was detected approaching to Earth around 7:15 a.m. this morning.

The agency said that the largest rock in a group along its length, such as the Empire State Building, will fly high above the earth around 11 pm tonight, and NASA expects that the first asteroid, called 2020 GM1, will pass on Earth at a distance of 2.3 million miles.

This may seem far away, but it is relatively close to space – NASA considers anything that passes within 120 million miles of our planet as objects close to Earth, and other asteroids include 2020 GUI 2020, which will approach at 8.48 AM and 2020 GG which will show its face At 3.21 pm.

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