DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Ilhan Omar, the Muslim deputy in the US Congress, announced her marriage on Thursday, publishing her photo on Instagram, without providing additional details about her new husband.

Ilhan, who is considered one of the first two Muslim women who entered Congress alongside the deputy, Rashida Tlaib, commented on the photo she collected with her new husband, saying: “I got married !! From political partners to partners in life, very blessed, thank God.”

It is noteworthy that Ilhan Omar ignited a storm of criticism from Democrats and Republicans in Congress in April 2019 after tweets in which she indicated that the assistance of the United States of America is providing assistance to Israel and its incentive in this is money, to return after that and apologize.

Trump criticized Omar’s apology, saying: “There is no place for anti-Semitism in the Congress of the United States of America,” noting that what she said was “horrible … and I think she should resign either from Congress or the House International Relations Committee.”

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