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The Moroccan government announced on Sunday evening, that the state of health emergency approved by Rabat on Friday to limit the spread of the Corona virus, will extend until April 20, and a government statement said that the measures fall within the framework of urgent precautions taken by the authorities to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, stressing that The declaration of a health emergency will continue until April 20.

The statement added that whoever violates this decision will be punished with imprisonment for a period between one month and 3 months and a fine ranging between 300 and 1300 dirhams (about 140 dollars) or one of these two penalties, and he pointed out that these measures aim to enable the authorities to take the necessary measures for the commitment of people Their homes and not to leave except in the case of extreme necessity and prevent any gathering.

The number of cases of corona infection to date in Morocco reached 115, while the number of deaths reached 4, and 3 others were treated. It is reported that Morocco took several measures to limit the spread of the virus in addition to the health emergency, as it closed its airspace to external and internal flights and disrupted Schools suspended all activities.

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