Microsoft delivers a warning to all Windows operating system users


Washington – Arabs today

The US company “Microsoft” has issued a warning to all users of the “Windows” operating system about its discovery of two security holes currently being attacked by Hackers.

And “Microsoft”, according to what was reported by “Engadget” technical specialist, that these new vulnerabilities, allow hackers and intruders to have full control of computers, whether home or portable.

And “Microsoft” pointed out that these vulnerabilities appear in the library “Windows Adobe Manager”, which allows applications to manage the fonts available from “Adobe” systems.

Hackers exploit vulnerabilities in that library, causing Windows users to open booby-trapped documents loaded with malware.

“Microsoft” said it is still working to fix the security holes, and it is expected to issue a security patch and update for Windows on April 14th, which contains a final solution to that vulnerability.

But during that time, Windows users can resort to a number of alternative solutions, such as disabling part of the preview in Windows Explorer to prevent the opening of those booby-trapped documents.

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