Berlin, Germany (CNN) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel ended her self-quarantine and returned to work at the Chancellery headquarters in the capital, Berlin, on Friday, after it was proven that she was not infected with the emerging Corona virus (Covid 19), according to her spokesperson Stephen Seibert, In a statement.

Two weeks ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel began a quarantine in her home, after contacting a doctor who was infected with the Corona virus.

As part of efforts to combat the emergence of the emerging corona virus, the Borussia Dortmund football team confirmed in a statement that the largest soccer field in Germany, Westphalen Stadium, will be transformed into a center for the treatment of the emerging corona virus, as of Saturday.

“Our stadium is the head of the city, a fixed point for almost everyone in Dortmund and the surrounding area, and thanks to its technical conditions, infrastructure and space, it is the ideal place to help people who are potentially infected with coronavirus or who have symptoms,” club officials said in their statement on Friday. The interview is like respiratory disease and fever, ”they said, adding that it is“ our duty and our desire ”to do everything possible to help.

On Thursday, German Defense Minister Ingret Karenbauer announced, in an interview with ARD Radio, that 15,000 German soldiers will be deployed throughout the country, in a rare measure, to secure vital installations and distribute medical aid and protective medical devices, as part of measures to counteract the spread Corona Virus.

A poll conducted by Infratest Dimap showed that the vast majority of Germans, 72%, support the government’s response to the emerging crisis of the Corona virus.

It also showed that 93% of respondents agree to the strict social divergence measures that have been decided by the German government,

According to the survey, there is an increase in support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ruling coalition.

As of Friday morning, Germany recorded 1122 deaths from the emerging coronavirus, with the number of cases in the country increasing to 85,63 cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University, to exceed the number of HIV infections in China, where the disease began spreading last December. 2019.

At these rates, Germany is one of the fewest countries to register HIV mortality rates when compared to the numbers of those infected.


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